Planning and Building in Michiana Shores


            i. The Michiana Shores Planning Commission is governed by the Advisory Planning Statutes of the Indiana Local Planning and Zoning Chapter of Title 36 of the Indiana Code. As such, Michiana Shores has a seven member Plan Commission and a Board of Zoning Appeals. ("BZA"). Presently, the Town's Plan Commission has oversight and review responsibilities of all building permit applications "for new construction, additions to existing constructions or remodeling" pursuant to Town Code provisions at 1-1-2-5(I)."

            ii. Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Michiana Shores


            iii. List of Plan Commission members:

                 Howard Jablon, President:

                 Matt Bowen, V-P:

                 Ray Dumbrys:

                 Ralph Box:

                 Pam Dubie:

                 Mike Lancioni:

                 Michael Martinez:

                 Daina Dumbrys, Secretary:


Section (2) The Board of Zoning Appeals or BZA

            i. The BZA has a five member board with appeals jurisdiction; the power to determine all special exceptions, special uses, contingent uses, and conditional uses; variances  of use and variances from development standards. The BZA may create "special orders" on a case by case basis and has existing Rules of Practice and Proceeding.


            ii. BZA Rules of Practice and Procedure


            iii. List of BZA members

                 Matt Bowen, President:

                 Ray Dumbrys, V.P:

                 Mario Jobbe:

                 Robert Hall:

                 Jeanne Paxton:  (Acting Secretary)



Section (3) Building Commissioner of the Town of Michiana Shores

            i. Name and contact information: Steve Thomas  (219)898-0393


            ii. Town Code Building Ordinances


iii. Michiana Shores Revised Buildinfg Permit (2).pdf

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