Office of the Town Clerk Treasurer


Joan Lewis - Clerk/Treasurer


Brenda Heckman - Administrative Assistant


Town Clerk Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday - Friday
2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

WELCOME TO Town of Michiana Shores

601 El Portal Michiana Shores, IN 46360
PH: 219-874-3193
Office Hours: Mon., Wed., & Fri. 2:30 to 5:30pm
ALL Emergencies - Fire & Police - 911

Useful Information:
Refuse-Trash pickup: – Every Monday. Have at curb by 7:30am
Recyclable pickup: - Every other Tuesday – Have at curb by 7:00am
All construction, new & remodeling, roofing, decks, driveways, electrical, plumbing, fences, Windows, etc. –
Contact: Building Commissioner Steve Thomas 219-898-0393

TOWN MEETINGS: All meetings held at Michiana Shores Fire Station meeting room.
Plan Commission – Every 1st Tuesday of the Month – 7:00 pm
Council Meeting – Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month – 7:00 pm
Park Board Meeting – Every 4th Monday 7:00 pm – Park Booster Club meets 6:30 pm Prior to Park Board.
BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) meeting - 4 meetings a year: Feb., May, August, & Nov.- 3rd Thursday of the Month 7:00 pm.

(Additional meetings can be added, Executive Sessions may take place, and meetings can be canceled as needed.)

Fireworks: The Town observes State of Indiana regulations ( IC 22-11-14-1). Approved Fireworks are permitted ONLY from June 29th to July 3 between 5 pm and 2 hours after sunset, July 4 between 10 am til midnight; July 5 to July 9 between 5 pm and 2 hours after sunset.

BEACH AREA: Town of Michiana Shores residents use Stop 37 – No area for parking vehicles. Bicycle & wagon area next to Stop 37. Contact Village of Michiana 616-469-4600 or Police 616-469-1894, for permits for campfires.

Annual Town Garage Sale -  To be determined.
Annual Town Picnic –  To be determined.

Housekeeping: Your Pets need your help in cleaning up after them. Doggie bags are available on the trail.
NO DUMPING of brush, leaves or other debris is allowed on vacant wooded properties or alongside of the paved roads.
LEAVES: The Town does not provide leaf pick-up and they are not picked up by our curbside refuse contractor. Leaves are not permitted on the paved roadway. NO Burning.
NO PARKING on paved street area. – Tickets are issued.

Each homeowner if charged $70.00 every six months for Refuse pickup. (December & May).


Michiana Shores Email Data Base

In our continuing efforts to keep you informed of all town news & information, please forward any email address AND your Michiana street address with phone contact information to Daina Dumbrys who will keep the Town Clerk/Treasurer informed. Daina can be reached at or through the website contact form here .

Please write "Email Database" in the subject line to speed addition to the list!

Thank you!

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