Park Board

The Park Board of the Town of Michiana Shores works to make the Town parks and nature paths welcoming and encourages everyone to use them.  The Board meets on the fourth (4th) Monday of the month, March through October. The Board is made up of 4 officers appointed by the Town Council, however, everyone is welcome to come, hear what is taking place, express your opinions and requests.

2020 Park Board Members:

Brenda Heckman, Dolly Millick, Jeanne Paxton and Jean Poulard.





 The Park Booster Club helps to defray expenses and provides additional structures and improvements.  The Booster Club meets right before the Park Board meetings, on the fourth (4th) Monday of the month, March through October.  Everyone is invited to join the Booster Club and to be involved in the Town Parks and any programs or events.



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