May 2021 BZA Meeting

Date: 5/27/2021

Date: 5/27/2021

Time: 7:00pm Central Time

This will not be a Zoom Meeting but will be in-person, at the Michiana Shores Town Hall, 601 El Portal Dr, Michiana Shores, IN 46360.


1). Applications for Special Use

   * Petition 0017-2021:  3854 Birchwood Trail, Meta Rose Torchia

   *  Petition 0018-2021:  307 Groveland Trail, Phillip Burkhalter

   * Petition 0019-2021:  8 Angle Drive, MIchael Dillich

2) Request for Variance

    * 3621 Ponchartrain,  Lynn Banks

The purpose of the application/petition is to obtain authorization to permit an addition of a carport/garage to the existing residence by obtaining relief from Section 2-2-3-3 c of the Town Code and to appeal the determination of non-conformity to the legal description of 46-01-12-410-013.000-024.


All interested persons will be given the opportunity to be heard and voice an opinion by

appearing at the hearing and/or by filing written comment.  Written comment must be signed

if submitted during the hearing by a representative or if submitted in advance of the hearing.




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