Comprehensive Plan

RESOLUTION NO. 2020 - 02

WHEREAS, the Plan Commission of the Town of Michiana Shores, Indiana did on the 3 rd day of March of 2020 hold a legally advertised Public Hearing to consider adoption of proposed Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Michiana Shores, Indiana; and,

WHEREAS, the Plan Commission did not receive any objection or remonstrance to the Amendments at said Public Hearing but discussed, commented upon and considered the intent and the language of the proposed Amendments; and,

WHEREAS, on March 3, 2020, after due consideration, the Plan Commission voted to approved and adopt the Amendments as proposed and recommends the Amendments be approved and adopted by the Town Council to add them to Comprehensive Plan and change the Comprehensive Plan accordingly; and,

WHEREAS, the Acting Plan Commission Secretary and the Plan Commission President did immediately thereafter certify the Plan Commission approval and adoption of the proposed Amendment; and,

WHEREAS, the Certification and Amendments were transmitted and delivered to the Clerk of the Town Council; and,

WHEREAS, the Town Council of the Town of Michiana Shores now finds that it is in the best interest of the Town to adopt the Amendments and amend the Comprehensive Plan in the manner and words of the Amendments; and in order to promote public health, safety, morals, convenience, order and the general welfare;

NOW THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED, APPROVED, ENACTED and ORDERED by a Majority vote of the members of the Town Council of the Town of Michiana Shores, La Porte County, Indiana, that the Amendments approved and certified by the Plan Commission are Hereby Adopted and Enacted and made part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Michaina Shores , Indiana;

  1. That this Resolution and the Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan become immediately effective from and after its passage and approval by the Town Council;
  2. that the Amendments and changes directed by the Amendments become part of the Comprehensive Plan; and,
  3. that one copy of the Amended version of the Comprehensive Plan be placed on file in the office of the County Recorder of La Porte County, Indiana as required by law.

ALL OF WHICH IS ORDAINED, APPROVED, ADOPTED, ENACTED and ORDERED on this __10th____ day of the month of March, 2020 A.D., by a majority vote of the Town Council of the Town of Michiana Shores, LaPorte County, Indiana.

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Download the Comprehensive Plan

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